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Our students have a multitude of backgrounds. Nurses, Doctors, Yoga Instructors, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Energy Workers, Naturopaths, and Social Workers – These are just a few of the common professionals who have studied with us to help solve the missing link in their practice.
Ayurveda holds the key to what your clients and patients truly seek – A prevention-based system of medicine that empowers each individual to take back their health, unwind accumulated imbalances, and create true inner peace and happiness in their lives.

Whether you are currently in a healing profession, or are ready now to answer your calling, the New World Ayurveda Practitioner Training Program can open you to a world of possibilities!

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 Here’s What a Few of Our Students Have to Say…

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“I am extremely delighted with the New World Independent Study Ayurveda Practitioner Program.  The course material is excellent, well organized and easy to understand.  Dr. Paul Dugliss is an awesome teacher – knowledgable, insightful, professional, kind, thoughtful and informative. The Independent study format has been great for me, as I travel and continue to work in my existing career.  The format allows me to further enhance, increase my skills and incorporate the knowledge right away  at a pace that is ideal for me.  

– Valma Brenton, Owner, Herizen Adventures for Women – Baja, Mexico

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“Dr. Paul has created a beautifully organized program that is always interesting, stimulating enough to keep me wanting to move forward, and challenging enough to stretch myself out of my comfort zone. I am a chiropractor and after only eight weeks am already able to implement pulse diagnosis, herbal therapies, recipes and other strategies into what I can provide for my practice members.

— Heidi Chapnick, D.C, Billings, MT

“I have completed NWA’s Practioner program as well as several additional courses of study. This case-based, consciousness-based approach to the process of learning as well as content has inspired me with confidence and skill to apply the ancient teaching of Ayurveda in modern clinical practice. The fundamentals of Ayurveda were masterfully woven with case studies from the beginning of the practitioner course. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to the beginning Ayurvedic student or the more advanced practitioner desiring a refined level of skill in practice.”

— Patricia Berger, BA LMP, CAP LMT, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

“As a licensed health care practitioner I can attest to the quality of the training in New World Ayurveda. Dr Dugliss engages each student in a way in which they are immediately immersed in hands on assessment, diagnosis and management. What was valuable to me was his attentiveness to the importance of SAFE use of herbs in the dynamic environment in which a client may also be taking medications from their physician, or using other herbs on their own. I treasure the training I received with New World Ayurveda.”

— Lori Nelson, ARNP, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

“The case-based approach and consciousness model made for a smooth transition to my own practice. I felt prepared with enough skill and knowledge to begin with the confidence that I was able to offer worthy service to my clients. Not only have I gained valuable knowledgeable into this vast science through the coursework, but I have advanced my own consciousness and increased my light. In the final measure that is what I truly can offer to others.”

— Rhonda Egidio, PhD, Ayurveda Practitioner and Professor of Education. “I became a student of NWA in 2008 and haven’t stopped learning since. I completed a practioner program and have a budding Ayurvedic practice. People tell me my energy and demeanor belie my age – and I tell them – its Ayurveda. It will change your life. And as a student of Ayurveda, NWA will be that force of change.”

— R. LeMay, Ayurvedic Health Practioner – Tula Deva Ayurveda


Begin Your Training As An Ayurvedic Practitioner From Home Today With Our Independent Study Option

frau recherchiert im internetThe New World Ayurveda Independent Study Option is the most convenient, comprehensive, cost-effective training program of it’s kind. Begin anytime and learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

We support your self-study with live online weekly Q&A sessions, monthly Student-Faculty Conferences via telephone, and our interactive online student forum. 

A $5500 value (based on live program) – Only $3750 as Independent Study! Payment plans are available.

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Why I recommend studying with New World Ayurveda School

As Director of Admissions, prospective students often ask me what sets New World Ayurveda School apart from the others. Beyond the practical reasons – outstanding clinical curriculum, convenience, and cost-effectiveness – it is our greatest asset, Academic Dean and Director, Dr. Paul Dugliss.

It only takes meeting Dr. Paul once to recognize his huge heart and his kind and gentle nature. He is man who cares deeply about every human being on earth, and whose life purpose is helping as many people as he can to grow and to heal. Dr. Paul’s dedication is truly inspiring, and he touches the soul of every individual who has had the good fortune to study or work with him.

As an experienced Ayurvedic Physician and Western Medical Doctor, time and time again Dr. Paul has witnessed first hand the tragic and unnecessary illness and death in this country. These events have fueled his passion for creating real change in the U.S. healthcare system and integrating the profound wisdom of Ayurveda into every community. His vision is to make Ayurveda available to each and every person who seeks to find a better way of approaching health and happiness.

Dr. Paul is a wealth of information, always generously sharing his knowledge and wisdom with our students. I don’t think there’s a question he can’t answer! Having over 40 years of experience and training with the most prominent teachers in Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, and Western Medicine, coupled with his deep spirituality, Dr. Paul is considered an international leader and expert in his field, and is sought out as a guest speaker for conferences and workshops worldwide.

I am blessed beyond measure to work side-by-side with this amazing being every day, and I am incredibly proud to call this man my partner, my best friend, and my husband.

– Sandra Dugliss, New World Ayurveda School Director of Admissions


Our life-changing Ayurvedic Practitioner Training Program begins live online September 12th, 2015 – Join us!


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