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Dear Prospective Student,

We invite you to begin your study of Ayurveda with New World Ayurveda School! Students are always telling us what a transformational experience this study brings. Why? Because you will come to understand yourself and others in new and profound ways. You will realize how the human being is governed by the same laws of nature that govern all of life. And you will learn how to use these principles of nature to create balance within yourself and others who seek your help in creating optimal wellness and longevity.

It is our sincere desire to make this great wisdom of Ayurveda accessible to students around the world. We do this by offering convenient, cost-effective training. Our live-online Ayurvedic Practitioner Training Program and the Independent Study option allow you to study Ayurveda without the need to travel frequently or relocate, saving you time and money. We’re often asked why our tuition is so low. Simply put, we’ve priced our training programs with the intention of eliminating tuition cost as a barrier to study because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn this life-changing knowledge and that it should not be reserved for a select and privileged few.

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New World Ayurveda – Ayurveda’s Premier Online Training School – Teaching Students Around the Globe

Begin today with our Independent Study option! Next live class begins September, 2014.
Reasons to study with New World Ayurveda:

*Cost effective, convenient training – learn Ayurveda from home, for less!
*Practical skills-based training prepares you to work with clients 
*Hands-on experiential learning in and out of our virtual classroom 
*Teaches the Consciousness Model of Ayurveda as a platform to health and healing
*Dual-trained Faculty in Ayurveda and Western Medicine 
*Unique Case-based Approach to teaching authentic Ayurveda, tailored for our modern society 
*NAMA & AAPNA Recognized Programs 

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Start New World Ayurveda School Anytime with our Independent Study Option

This is the most comprehensive, cost-effective training program of it’s kind. Start anytime and learn at your own pace in the comfort and convenience of your home. Apply online to get started today! We support your self-study with live Q&A Sessions offered twice weekly, monthly individual progress conferences with faculty via telephone, and our online student forum.

A $5500 value (based on live program) – Only $3750 as Independent Study! Payment plans available.

 Questions? Schedule a free telephone Information Session with us to learn more!

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A limited number of partial scholarships are available, based on demonstrated need, for our Live-Online Ayurvedic Practitioner Training Program, the Independent Study option, and the Ayurvedic Counseling (Life Transformation Skills) Training Program. If you have a strong desire to participate in one of these training programs but have financial hardship, first apply for the course and then email Sandra Dugliss, Program Coordinator, for a Request for Scholarship form:  nwacourses@gmail.com


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