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“I am extremely delighted with the New World Independent Study Ayurveda Practitioner Program.  The course material is excellent, well organized and easy to understand.  Dr. Paul Dugliss is an awesome teacher – knowledgable, insightful, professional, kind, thoughtful and informative. The Independent study format has been great for me, as I travel and continue to work in my existing career.  The format allows me to further enhance, increase my skills and incorporate the knowledge right away  at a pace that is ideal for me.  

- Valma Brenton – Baja, Mexico


“Dr. Paul has created a beautifully organized program that is always interesting, stimulating enough to keep me wanting to move forward, and challenging enough to stretch myself out of my comfort zone. I am a chiropractor and after only eight weeks am already able  to implement  pulse diagnosis, herbal therapies, recipes and other strategies into what I can provide for my practice members. 

– Heidi Chapnick, D.C

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“I have completed NWA’s Practioner program as well as several additional courses of study.  This case-based, consciousness-based approach to the process of learning as well as content has inspired me with confidence and skill to apply the ancient teaching of Ayurveda in modern  clinical practice. The fundamentals of Ayurveda were masterfully woven with case studies from the beginning of the practitioner course.  I wholeheartedly recommend this program to the beginning Ayurvedic  student or the more advanced practitioner desiring a refined level of skill in practice.”

– Patricia Berger,  BA  LMP, CAP LMT

“As a licensed health care practitioner I can attest to the quality of the training in New World Ayurveda.  Dr Dugliss engages each student in a way in which they are immediately immersed in hands on assessment, diagnosis and management. What was valuable to me was his attentiveness to the importance of SAFE use of herbs in the dynamic environment in which a client may also be taking medications from their physician, or using other herbs on their own.  I treasure the training I received with New World Ayurveda.”

– Lori Nelson, ARNP, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner


“I live in Wyoming and was working part-time so I could not travel to classes at a great distance on the weekends. Then I found New World Ayurveda and Dr. Dugliss – the perfect fit for me! There are two live study groups per week which are available to the independent study students to ask questions and receive guidance. It was even possible to pay for the course over the next year as I studied! Dr. Dugliss is so knowledgeable and I have learned so much from his course  - in my own home and on my own time. Thank you so much for this opportunity! ” 

– Kathy Hudson


“The case-based approach and consciousness model made for a smooth transition to my own practice.  I felt prepared with enough skill and knowledge to begin with the confidence that I was able to offer worthy service to my clients. Not only have I gained valuable knowledgeable into this vast science through the coursework, but I have advanced my own consciousness and increased my light.  In the final measure that is what I truly can offer to others.”

– Rhonda Egidio, PhD, Ayurveda Practitioner and Professor of Education.


“I became a student of NWA in 2008 and haven’t stopped learning since. I completed a practioner program and have a budding Ayurvedic practice. People tell me my energy and demeanor belie my age – and I tell them – its Ayurveda. It will change your life. And as a student of Ayurveda, NWA will be that force of change.”

– R. LeMay, Ayurvedic Health Pracioner – Tula Deva Ayurveda

Begin Your Training As An Ayurvedic Practitioner Today With Our Independent Study Option

frau recherchiert im internetThis is the most comprehensive, cost-effective training program of it’s kind. Begin anytime and learn at your own pace in the comfort and convenience of your home. Apply online to get started today! We support your self-study with live online weekly Q&A sessions, monthly Student-Faculty Conferences via telephone, and our interactive online student forum.

A $5500 value (based on live program) – Only $3750 as Independent Study! Payment plans are available.

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Reasons To Study With New World Ayurveda School


*Cost effective, convenient training – learn Ayurveda from home, for less!

*Practical skills-based training prepares you to work with clients in consultation 

*Hands-on experiential learning in and out of our virtual classroom 

*Emphasis on the Consciousness Model of Ayurveda as a platform to optimal health and healing

*Dual-trained Faculty in Ayurveda and Western Medicine 

*Unique Case-based Approach to teaching authentic Ayurveda, tailored for our modern society 

*NAMA & AAPNA Recognized Programs






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  • A Letter to Prospective Students







Dear Prospective Student,

We invite you to begin your study of Ayurveda with New World Ayurveda School. Students are always telling us what a transformational experience this study brings. Why? Because you will come to understand yourself and others in new and profound ways. You will realize how the human being is governed by the same laws of nature that govern all of life. And you will learn how to use these principles of nature to create balance within yourself and others who seek your help in creating optimal wellness and longevity.

It is our sincere desire to make this great wisdom of Ayurveda accessible to students around the world. We do this by offering convenient, cost-effective training. Our live-online Ayurvedic Practitioner Training Program and the Independent Study option allow you to study Ayurveda without the need to travel frequently or relocate, saving you time and money. We’re often asked why our tuition is so low. Simply put, we’ve priced our training programs with the intention of eliminating tuition cost as a barrier to study because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn this life-changing knowledge and that it should not be reserved for a select and privileged few.

This great ocean of knowledge called Ayurveda holds the key to empower each and every person to experience their personal best in body, mind and spirit. We wish this great gift of optimal heath for all people. By training practitioners, we fulfill our life purpose to spread this knowledge across the globe to help transform as many lives as possible. If you are called to be the lighthouse of this wisdom in your community, join us in our vision and mission of healing the world, one person at a time.

We invite you to apply to our live Ayurvedic Practitioner Training Program beginning in September, or to the Independent Study option that you can begin anytime. Please feel free to email us at nwacourses@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Paul and Sandra Dugliss, Directors, New World Ayurveda







“I am extremely delighted with the New World Ayurveda School’s Independent Study Ayurveda Practitioner Program.  The course material is excellent, well organized and easy to understand.  Dr. Paul Dugliss is an awesome teacher.”   - Valma Brenton

“Dr. Dugliss is so knowledgeable and I have learned so much from his course over the last 6 months – in my own home and on my own time. Thank you so much for this opportunity! ”  - Kathy Hudson

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